Hemp oil is derived from hemp seed. The process is cold pressed and then extracting it. This process contains nutritional values that are beneficial. The hemp oil does not contain THC the compound that will give you that “high” effect. Many countries have legalized hemp extracts.

Many are now using CBD for Anxiety, Arthritis, to help fall asleep, and Depression. I have personally used the relief rub 1000 mg with emu oil on my hand. I could not bend my fingers and I almost dropped my grand baby. This relief rub immediately to the pain out of my hand and I could use it again.

I have seen people that I know use gummies for anxiety and sleep. The reports are amazing. They slept so good and the anxiety left. I also know of a person that has seizures that uses this sometimes. CBD and Hemp is the natural way for the future if your not wanting to take prescription medicine.