Deep Relief 1000mg CBD Cream With Emu Oil

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1000mg cbd
Airless Pump

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1000mg cbd
Airless Pump

If you suffer from pain, then you deserve a quality product that will provide the relief you need. Our deep relief 1000mg CBD cream with emu oil can help. Discover what Hair Serenity can do for your pain relief needs.

Why Choose This Product?

One main advantage of our deep relief 1000mg CBD cream is the CBD itself. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-addictive part of the cannabis plant and has consistently proven to help with a number of health ailments, including pain relief. The topical nature of the product allows the CBD to work directly on parts of the body that are painful.

This cream also features emu oil, a natural product known for its many benefits. Emu oil penetrates and moisturizes the skin, which allows the benefits of CBD to work better as well. Emu oil can do anything from repelling bugs to preventing aging skin. However, it also fights inflammation and provides pain relief. Rubbed on the skin, emu oil can help with pain stemming from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or fibromyalgia.

Additionally, our product features an airless pump. The advantage of an airless pump is that it allows more of the product to be used and protects against deterioration, allowing a longer shelf life. It also protects against harmful pathogens that could compromise a product.

How Can We Help?

Hair Serenity is committed to providing quality, all-natural products for your pain relief. We ensure that all products are third-party tested to determine effectiveness, safety, and quality. When you want CBD products that work, trust Hair Serenity. Your 100% satisfaction is our main goal.

If you want to discover what our deep relief 1000mg CBD airless pump is all about, order yours now. Please call us at (321) 417-6412 or fill out our online form if you have any questions.

2 reviews for Deep Relief 1000mg CBD Cream With Emu Oil

  1. Joseph Dever

    This product is amazing! My hands and wrists hurt from the work I do and this product has relieved the pain and swelling.

  2. John Robinson

    It’s works wonders, my pain went away in no time, please try it I am very happy and pain free.

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